Presentations held and planned, Dr. Hani Nokraschy

02 November, Rotary Club  Alexandria-Mariout, Alexandria. Presentation (PDF 4.5 MB)

30 October 2008, InWEnt Regional Alumni Conference, Alexandria. Presentation (PDF 5 MB)

14 October 2008, Preparatory meeting for the ministers of electricity in the League of Arab States, Cairo
Desertes of the Arab World as Power Houses (Arabic) Link

01. August 2008, German-Egyptian Society Bonn-Cairo, Bonn (German)
The Deserts as Power Houses for Electricity, Water and Prosperity  Link 

09-10 June 2008, Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen, Germany, in German language
Solar Energy Partnership Europe-Africa SEPA 08  Link

14-15 May 2008, Futur of Energy in Egypt, Conference organized by the "Center for Future Studies" in co-opreation with the "Konrad Adenauer Foundation". The first is a part of the Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC) of the Egyptian government .
The Desert of Egypt as an Everlasting Power House for Energy and Water Presentation (PDF 900 kB)

29-30 April 2008, League of the Arab States, Cairo. Workshop on New and Renewable Energy Applications

20 April 2008, Manegement Engineering Society, Cairo  Programme
Shifting Egypt’s Electricity to Renewables for Security of Supply (with Prof. Amin Mobarak as speaker) Presentation (PDF 2.1 MB)

20 April 2008, Museum of Peoples' Cultures "Museum für Völkerkunde" & The Egyptian-German Society, Hamburg,
The Deserts as inexhaustible Power Houses for sustainable Energy and Water (in German Language).  Link

15 April 2008, Bibleotheca Alexandrina, BioVision Seminar,
The Desert of Egypt as Everlasting Power House Presentation (PDF 2 MB)

15 April 2008, Bibleotheca Alexandrina, BioVision Seminar,
Solar Power overcomes Water Deficit in the Middle East – North Africa  Presentation (PDF 2 MB)

28 March 2008, Conference: German-Italian cooperation for the development of renewable energies in the Mediterranean, Berlin, Realising a political and financial framework for renewable energy partnership EUROPE/MENA   Super Smart Grid (PDF 87 kB)
Presentattion (PDF 860 kB)    Presentation (PowerPoint 6.2 MB)

27 March 2008, 12th International Water Techonolgy Conference, Alexandria,    Paper (PDF 950 kB)
Concentrating Solar Power for Seawater Desalination (with Dr. Franz Trieb)

25 March 2008
, National Research Center, Cairo
New Solar Thermal Power Plants can cover Egypt’s Demand for Energy and Water   Abstract     Presentation (PDF 2 MB)